Technical support

Languages: English, Estonian

Here you can find answers to some frequently asked questions concerning the application system as well as send your technical problem/question directly to the technical support body.

Before you send your question, please read carefully both the instructions as well as the grant guidelines!

I have forgotten my password

You can create your password again by using the "Lost password" function below login form. You will receive a temporary password by e-mail with which you can log into your user profile. When you log in, create yourself a new, permanent password in "My profile" page. Check your junk mail if you haven't received a new password by e-mail. Some e-mail operators, such as Hotmail, have effective junk mail filters that may block e-mails. If you don't receive a password by e-mail, please contact the programme administrator.

Changes in user’s contact information

You can make changes in your contact information in My profile. The changes will become effective immediately when you klick "Save" button.

I need to change my user-ID

You can change your user ID (e-mail) in my profile after it has been created.

Project has a new manager

If the project manager changes in the course of the project, the programme administrator must be notified without delay, and a new project manager appointed and registered. It can be done via the e-system of the mobility programme. Please follow the the instructions enclosed:

  1. The new project manager will have to create a personal users account in the electronic application system of the mobility programme at
  2. Please insert the name and ID (the ID number is specified in the users profile of the registered user of the e-system) of the new project manager in the e-system; please add a scanned copy of an official signed letter from the home institution of the project manager (applicant), where the home institution confirms the appointment of the new project manager, a short explanation concerning this change is to be presented in this official letter together with the detailed information concerning the new project manager.
  3. The management body of the mobility programme will change the name and contacts of the project manager in the electronic application system and from there on all information concerning the project will be exchanged with the new project manager. The new project manager will also be responsible for submitting the report on the project in the e-system.

A few tips on how to work with online web forms

  • Keep a back up of your texts in a text document. This can help you to avoid losing your unsaved information. There is always a chance for technical difficulties when you work with online web forms in a web browser although the system automatically saves the information you are filling in.
  • Do not use the line return-button while working in a web form unless you are filling in a text field. This may cause a loss of your unsaved information.
  • Do not use the web browser's own navigation buttons e.g. the web browsers Next or Previous buttons. Use only the buttons in the web form to navigate in your application form.
  • The system logs the user out after longer periods of idle time. If the webform is left open and is not used, the system logs the user out after three hours.

Technical problems / questions

E-mail to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (Direct contact form)