Technical support

Languages: English, Estonian

Applicants should identify and contact host organisations to be visited in the framework of the mobility programme. Letters of confirmation (invitations) from the host organisations are required to be attached to the application. In these letters of confirmation the host organisations should confirm that they are ready to accept visitors from the applying organisations in the framework of the planned project, and are ready to offer a programme for the planned study visits and/or meetings with an aim of exchanging experiences and best practices, without taking any responsibility in financing the planned project. The programme of the study visits will be agreed in cooperation between the applicant and the host organisations before the start of the project. Preparations for travel and accommodation of the study visits are done by the applicant/project manager. Host organizations are not expected to cover any expenses related to the study visits under the mobility programme, all expenses (travel, accommodation and daily allowances) should be covered by the allocated grant from the mobility programme and from the co-financing of the applying organisation. It should also be noted that the mobility programme can not cover any expenses of the host organisations related to the planned projects.