Success stories

You are welcome to add examples of best practices, success stories of projects supported by the mobility programme. Success stories can be added in the e-system of the mobility programme in case one or more of your projects have been approved and granted by the mobility programme.

In order to add a success story, you should have at least one approved application.
20.06.2024 Study visit of the delegation of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Estonia to Norway and Sweden Estonia
14.06.2024 CO-STARS: Communicating Outcomes in Science, Technology, And Research to Society Estonia
04.06.2024 Strategy Unit´s study visits to Norway and Iceland Estonia
30.05.2024 Experience exchange with Iceland and Denmark, adaptation of best practice in the fields of forensics, crime scene investigation and quality management Latvia
27.05.2024 Nordic -Baltic perspectives on systematic quality development in education, from pre-school to upper-secondary school Sweden
22.05.2024 Shielding Strategic State Assets: Good Practise of a Comprehensive Security Framework Lithuania
14.05.2024 “Integrated services for youth at social exclusion risk in Nordic Countries” Latvia
14.05.2024 Professional knowledge and experience exchange for more advanced services and smart solutions in the field of long-term collection preservation and access to periodicals Latvia
07.05.2024 Innovation in performing arts and new audience development Latvia
07.05.2024 Development of sustainable eco(nomy)-system in high-tourism areas and increasing the scope of business activities via high quality of public services Lithuania
07.05.2024 Social inclusion of elderly people in aging societies Lithuania
07.05.2024 Study visits for better policy making processes in the field of gender equality and equal rights (vol.2) Lithuania
26.03.2024 Study visits to the Parliaments of Iceland and Sweden Estonia
18.03.2024 Exchange of experience for the implementation of circular economy principles, public involvement and development of the bioregion idea Latvia
18.03.2024 Training of Cyber Patrols Lithuania
18.03.2024 Innovative Vocational Education: Best Practices from Nordic Countries Estonia
15.03.2024 Strengthening partnership and the capacity building in the field of education Latvia
11.03.2024 Study visits to Nordic countries to exchange professional knowledge and experience in the fields of mental health and substance use Lithuania
11.03.2024 A study of successful Percent for Art cases Lithuania
11.03.2024 Development and Design of the Dialogue Police in Estonia Estonia
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